Saturday, May 14, 2011

PULSE Report 1.


We've done a few shows, I'm taking this chance to thank you all for the supports, beers, foods and laughs.

It's highly appreciated, boss.

"DEAD & Dung.", Annexe, 6th May 2011.

- Maharajah Commission, sarcastically great. Onion, nice dream. Dung, dunged new songs. DEAD, awesome as fuck. Kudos Joe for the greatest backline we've ever destroyed.

"Night of the Ultimate Mosh vol. 2", Solero, 7th May 2011.

- SMG, canceled. The Mindless Show, tight. Ghosak, young and fucking dangerous. Torture Incident, soul torturing. Hellterror, destroying Pig Destroyer.

For those who missed us out in our previous shows (if there's any.), DO NOT WORRY, all you gotta' do is smiles. We still have plenty shows coming up before this PULSE Tour completed! Check this blog as always as possible.

And yeah, PULSE Tape is selling hot and fast like a lightning thunder. Get it directly from us or Mr. Adzuan Idris of Stoneville Records at RM6.00nett only. Make a move now. Better fast or never than late.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

See you soon!


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